Tanya & Dan

Hi rue,

Hope you are well! We have the DVD which is amazing, please thank Haris so much from us and also Sami for the photos, the memories they have allowed us to have with their fantastic work is totally priceless :)!

Having watched the DVD it brings the day completely back and I don't feel we could ever thank you and Jenny enough for everything you did to make our day so very brilliant, you two ladies work so very hard to ensure that a wedding day runs like clock work! Even though you do 100s of weddings the excitement and passion you both have for each and every wedding really shows you are in the right job....! There is no doubt if any of our friends choose a similar option for their wedding day they will be in contact with you ladies!
For 2 solid years replying to the stupidest email from me was never too much trouble, U always replied within 24 hours and was always so reassuring!
From the first time we met you at Royal heights in 2014 when we wandered up, you were on the phone, you were talking to someone about a car and your words were "I don't care what's happened just get me a white car" with that I looked at Dan and said " I love her, we have to have her"! And without any doubt in my mind u certainly proved we made the right choice above and beyond!
I'm going to be lost not emailing you everyday, I will send you the odd update to let you know how things are, if we return to RHR next year we will certainly have to meet for a wine or 2 :)! Our uk party is next weekend, I will fill you in on everything that happens there also.... As many things can't happen in England as when we were in Crete... Can they lol!!?
Lots of love and THANK YOU again