Laura & Paul Wright

Dear Rue,

Where do I start!

From the moment I emailed you, everything went smoothly. You and your team did an absolutely fabulous job. You made us feel like we were the only wedding couple you were dealing with – we could not have found anyone more perfect to help us plan our day.

The whole day was better than we expected and all our guests commented on the perfection to every little detail and that it was by far the best wedding they had been to!!

After meeting you, I knew we wouldn’t have a thing to worry about (and I think that is why I didn’t have a nervous bone on the Big Day!)

Avli is the most beautiful restaurant we have been to and the food matched. I don’t think anyone left any food – apart from Lucas due to him falling asleep!

The photographer, Sami, was great. We could not have wished for better photos. He was amazing! My only regret is not having the day videoed as it went so fast – there are still things we keep remembering!

I wish we could do it all again. We can’t thank you and your amazing team enough – it was absolutely perfect. Hopefully, we will be returning to Crete soon so would be lovely to meet for a drinks or to Lapland in the winter!

Thank you again, Laura & Paul Wright