Shirley & Andrew

Hi Rue

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner but it was a whirlwind with visitors etc when we got home. Just back to work and enjoying the rest lol.

Both Andy and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the work both yourself and Jenny did to make our wedding spectacular! I cannot express how much we all enjoyed the day and the ceremony was absolutely amazing! I have just signed into drop box and let my friends at work see the photos and they were amazed. One of my friends just said that if she ever gets married she will be in touch!

Right from the start of the day to the finish the wedding was exactly how we imagined it and the fact that we didn't have to worry about anything made our day. We especially enjoyed after the ceremony when the guests went on to the reception we got 10 minutes on our own to reflect on our day so far.

Please tell Dina we were overwhelmed with the quality of the photos as they were exactly what I wanted. She caught peoples faces when they didn't realise they were being photographed and they are some of the best photos.

I am really sorry I didn't manage to catch up with you before we left to thank you personally as you have no idea what the day meant to us and how you provided our dream wedding. I would recommend your company to anyone looking to get married in Crete or Finland, and you never know we may end up in Finland one day for a marriage blessing!

It was lovely to meet your husband, please thank him for all the help with the wedding too.

The venue for the reception was AMAZING, and the staff were so friendly and warm. We had hoped to get back into the tavern for a meal but never found the time. Please tell them all at Asteria thank you so much. The Greek musicians were amazing also.

The rest of our holiday was very busy lol as we packed a lot into our stay.

Once again thank you so much to you and your team. I am so glad Andy and I found you as we would never have had the wedding of our dreams otherwise. I just can't put into words how thankful we are for all your amazing work Rue!

Shirley and Andy